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I Market Analysis

From the late 1980s through the 1990s, the business environment was changing so quickly, few firms could keep track. Even fewer tried.

The general consensus was, why bother? The market was growing so fast that planning wasn’t necessary. Everything made money. Even dot-com companies with no products and no assets were suddenly worth millions.

Those days are gone.

To succeed in today’s market place companies need to focus their assets very precisely.

Questions successful businesses need to answer:

What new markets are available to your business?
How is each market structured?
What products, services, and channels are involved?
What are the market demographics?
How will they change?
How can you exploit it?
What is the growth potential of each market?
What is your share of the Market Share?
How is market share divided?
Who are the key competitors?
How much are your competitors spending on advertising?
What media are your competitors using to reach their customers?

Rocky Mountain Econometrics can provide answers to these questions, and more.

We’ll identify new markets in which your existing products fit. We’ll identify how your products need to change to anticipate changes in the existing market. We will identify potential line extensions that will help you enter new markets.

Call Rocky Mountain Econometrics today to see how we can help your firm achieve its full potential.

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II Consumer Research

Hundreds of bands have come, and gone, since the 70s, but he Grateful Dead just keeps on truckin.

Their secret?

They found their audience, and they have been giving them what they want, for over thirty years.

Moreover, they not only have their original audience, they transitioned to the next generation. They now play to the children of their original audience.

The secret to success is the same for conventional business as it is in the music business. Firms that know who their customers are, and what they need, especially as their customer’s needs change over time, are the businesses that enjoy long term success.

Rocky Mountain Econometrics can help you understand the fundamentals of your customer base by answering such questions as:

Who are your customers?
What are their needs?
How do they perceive your company? Your competitors?
What do they like about your products and services?
What do they think would improve your offerings?
How do they use your product?
Do they use other products in conjunction with your?
Hour are your customers needs changing and evolving?

With a firm grasp of your customers thinking, it will be easier for you to satisfy their needs, extend your product lines, tailor your service offerings, and defend you market share from your competitors.

Let Rocky Mountain Econometrics help you make sure that your perceptions of your customer base match your actual customer base. From interviews, to surveys, to focus groups, Rocky Mountain Econometrics will do what it take to make you have the necessary information to keep, and expand your customer base.

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III Competitor Profile

Not all, marketing decisions are difficult.

For instance: For Burger King and Wendy’s, marketing was simple. Copy McDonald’s menu, and put one of your own restaurants next to every one of their restaurants.

If your competitors are that well defined, congratulations. For most businesses, identifying your competitors, and their behavior in the market place, is much more difficult.

Rocky Mountain Econometrics can give your firm a critical advantage by answering such questions as:

Who are your competitors?
What are their goals?
What are there strengths and weaknesses?
What products and services do your competitors offer? What are their product and service features and how are they positioning and pricing them?
What strategies do your competitors employ in the areas of product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution,
What are your competitors’ key capabilities? What are their financial strengths and cash positions?
What options are open to your competitors? Is their capacity limited? Do they have too much capacity and are vulnerable to price competition? Are they investing in research, or are they reverse engineering other company’s products?

Rocky Mountain Econometrics will gather intelligence on your competitors, suppliers, distributors partners, or other organizations.

We will identify opportunities to make your company more profitable by giving you a clear understanding of your opportunities before you make crucial business decisions.

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IV Economic Impact Analyses

Do you have plans for a business expansion that will require city, county, state, or federal approval?

Seemingly benign business plans can easily run afoul of skeptical bureaucrats if not properly presented. At the same time, it is a rare political official willing to stand in the way of a project that can be shown to have positive economic impacts on their region.

If you have performed a credible economic impact analysis, you will rarely be challenged. Most cities, counties, and state agencies, don’t have the funds, don’t have the time, or don’t have the expertise to mount a legitimate analysis of economic events.

Call Rocky Mountain Econometrics to help smooth the approval of your next project.

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V Valuation Analyses - Cost / Benefit Analyses

Sometimes the issue at hand is very simple. What is something worth?

While defining the issue may be trivial, the need for accuracy and the consideration of all possible factor can be overwhelming.

Whether you are purchasing a multi million dollar subsidiary, or settling a claim for a personal injury, you only get one chance to strike the deal.

If you get the number wrong, you have to live with it forever.

Take the time to get it right.

Call Rocky Mountain Econometrics today for expert economic calculation of critical asset valuations.

Rocky Mountain Econometrics areas of expert asset valuation:

Business Valuation
Acquisition Value
Acquisition Analysis
Value of Life
Value of injury

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VI Economic Forecasting

Everyone wants to know the future. The surprise is that it is often much easier than most people imagine. With proper economic, econometric, demographic, and statistical techniques, potential future outcomes of many business events are surprisingly well defined.

Why is forecasting important? When entering negotiations on important contracts, solid, well documented forecasts of things such as labor force size, market size, labor costs, transportation costs, energy costs, etc., can put you in a commanding position.

Example, in 2002, Rocky Mountain Econometrics , in a two page analysis, enhanced a clients position by forcing the United States Army Corps of Engineers to admit that their forecast of freight benefits was too high by $13 million, a whopping 25%!

Don’t be a price taker. Take control. Call Rocky Mountain Econometrics today to see how we can help you gain a clearer grasp of your future, and gain a strategic advantage on your competition.

Sample areas of forecasting expertise:

Market Forecasting
Price forecasting
Labor Cost Forecasting
Sales Forecasting
Energy Supply, Demand, and Price Forecasting

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VII Reduction in Force Analyses

In today’s work environment reductions in force (RIF) are a standard mode of operation. At the same time, there are appropriate, and inappropriate ways of implementing such a policy. Done properly, it can be a valid means of controlling costs and positioning your firm for a brighter future.

Done improperly, it can leave the firm exposed to legal costs that more than offset any expected gains.

Done improperly, a RIF action can result in claims for discrimination based on age, sex, race, salary, and a variety of other factors.

Statistical validity of such claim is often surprisingly easy to obtain.

If you are a firm planning a reduction in force, call Rocky Mountain Econometrics to analyze the move to determine your degree of risk. If you are facing legal action after the fact, call Rocky Mountain Econometrics to determine the limits to your risk.

If you are an employee, or a group of employees, and feel that you have been unfairly RIFFED, call Rocky Mountain Econometrics to see if your fears have a statistical foundation.

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VIII Custom Analyses

All Rocky Mountain Econometrics projects are custom tailored to individual client's needs. No matter how big, or how small, the project, Rocky Mountain Econometrics makes sure the final product meets the needs of the customer.

The subjects detailed above provide a description of Rocky Mountain Econometrics' major activities.

However, our flexibility allows us to go well these areas of enquiry on an as needed basis, to meet any and all of your research, intelligence, and analysis needs.

From short term item specific projects, to longer term, retainer-based contracts, we can accommodate your needs.

Rocky Mountain Econometrics can meet your Unique Competitive Intelligence needs.

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